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LavaAmp on YouTube: el Termociclador Port├ítil March 7, 2010

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Here are Guido’s videos off YouTube (as featured on Grrlscientists blog, Living the Scientific Life):

and the English version


LavaAmp in WIRED February 18, 2010

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Aaron Rowe, who snapped the jazzy photo of LavaAmp prototype 0.01, featured LavaAmp in an article this morning in WIRED “The First and Last Meeting of Everyone with a Fully Sequenced Genome” promoting and/or reporting on the upcoming Get Conference. Awesome!

LavaAmp January 22, 2010

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LavaAmp is a lightweight, portable, and inexpensive thermocycler that can compete with currently available thermocyclers at only a fraction of the cost. Unlike other supposedly portable devices announced in the past, which weigh up to 35 pounds and require a briefcase, LavaAmp fits on your hand, can work on AC/USB power and can perform PCR in 30 min or less.

LavaAmp will be sold at only a fraction of the price of current technology, enabling the use of PCR in areas where previously it was too expensive, making possible new applications and unleashing the power of this technique, that 25 years after its creation still has to deliver its full potential in diagnostics, food safety, education and biosecurity.

This is the prototype of the LavaAmp:

Prototype Developed by Biodesic, Image from Aaron Rowe